Profile – Pianist Chika Inaoka

Chika Inaoka 稲岡 千架

The Pianist Chika Inaoka was born in Hyogo, Japan. She began learning piano at the age of three. She graduated from Kyoto Horikawa high school of music and Tokyo college of music in a Piano Performance Course.

From 2000 she studied at Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts with Ok-Hi Lee and Prof. Rudolf Meister. She completed her postgraduate studies course with the highest honor in 2003 and her “Konzert Examen Solist Course” with the highest honor in 2005 by the special support of the German government scholarship (DAAD: German Academic Exchange Service).

She has been performed with various orchestras including Korean Chamber Orchestra in Heidelberg music Festival and with Stadttheater Hildesheim Orchestra, Ensemble Roca.

She has been invited as a guest performer to numerous concerts, including Baden-Württemberg new year concert, SWR broadcasted her performance at Mozart-Gala in Mannheim.

After returning to Japan in 2005, she has been actively engaged as a Chamber musician as well as a Soloist.

She is well versed in the music of modern composers. In the short documentary film “Hiroshima Bomb, Illusive Photography Memos,” which was directed by Hiroshi Nose, she performed the solo piano. The film achieved the minister of education award for fine arts.

Through the experience of the period instruments, she is also giving the lecture concerts, which pursue the possibility of expressions by the modern instruments.

She has also been actively working on the music of W.A.Mozart as her life work, released the first solo album of “W. A[KS1] . Mozart Rondos & Sonatas” by the OMF label in 2017. The album was chosen as one of the best 3 collections which I want to listen on the last day of my life in the monthly magazine “Record Art.” Also, in the monthly magazine “Stereo,” the album has been singled out for special praise.

She studied Piano under Osamu Yanai, Hiroki Ohata, Hidemi Ishizuki, Kenji Watanabe, Ok-Hi Lee and Rudolf Meister, Chamber music under Andreas Pistrius and Lied Accompaniment under Heike-D-Allard.

Since 2005, she has been working as a lecturer in the music class at Showa university of music.