Students Concert 2020 is over!

On February 11th, 14 students of the school ended their concert.

There were a wide range of ages and levels, and surrounded by family and friends, 14 students from the school performed.The applause was also warm.

There were few performers this year, so we had a small event for Acostio-san.Besendorfer was comfortable and delivered everyone’s performance.

After all, Music is not something that can be done suddenly, but i think that it is born while changing little by little little by little over time.

Even if you want to appear, people who could not appear in various circumstances,

Those who have various circumstances in appearance,

It was a time with all my own thoughts.

Also, I quit the piano and left the gate, but there were a few people who came to listen.I’m also happy about that.It was a meeting to feel the connection between people.

From here on out, i’m talking about private affairs.

Just two days before this meeting, my 98-year-old grandmother, who lived with me in high school, passed away, and it was a farewell ceremony on the day.My grandmother, who has the same birthday as me, is a great birth.Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend, but the music comforted me when I listened to the warm performances of the students, the hot performances, the performances I endured, and the various thoughts.I was wondering if I was playing something or not at the end, but I decided to play Schumann’s Troy Merai.When we finished playing, everyone shared time to hold the silence.

In addition, I would like to create music together for the next step.At the end of this month, we will play Sansaens’ violin sonata with a guest performance by an amateur violinist.Next month, at the event “Tum Einhorn” of the book “Musician’s Table” by Amika Tamura (vn) and Asaka Igarashi (vc) of the New Japan Philharmonic at narashino Platts on 26th, in Roppongi German restaurant, Chef Hiroshi Noda, We will deliver the duo and solo with Mai Ota of the Japan Philharmonic.