Nostalgic Christmas🎄🎄🎄 Market

A blog that doesn't move forward easily.It is a website that can not be improved easily .

It's a turtle's history, but I'm thinking of moving forward!Everyone, please watch warmly and loosely.

Well, recently I have been meeting with input and lessons.

The other day, I had a meeting with my teacher, Professor Rudolf Meister, looking ahead to the piano music camp, which I also introduced in the workshop.We are also contacted, but next year's event will be from Tuesday, August 25 to Sunday, August 30, 2020.

At the end of December, we are working together with pianist Suenaga's students to hold a play-each party with several of my students, as well as to pursue individual goals, such as competitions, exams, production, and presentations by the students of the school in February of the new year.

The big event in the meeting, this! !

Mozart Piano Sonata, two albums are released at the same time!

We will guide you at the beginning of the year!

While doing that,

As for the website, the meeting will proceed and be improved.Experts are amazing, after all.In any case, I would like to introduce the person in charge.

I'm waiting for the work that the composer Ueda-san will finish for the recording of the movie music at the beginning of the year.I wonder if this will be the last rehearsal of the year.Ueda's essays are also interesting and funny to read on this site.By all means, please take a look.

The other day, we stopped at the Christmas market held in Shiba Park.When I was studying abroad, I stopped by on my way home from school and enjoyed a gly wine with cinnamon and citrus.Nostalgic.And Christmas is coming in a week.