The first time I came into contact with Bechstein was at Koidego Bunka Kaikan in 1999.Until then, I didn't know an instrument called Bechstein.I felt something like "uncomfortable" to me who had only touched the full con of Steinway, Besendorfa, Yamaha, and Kawai.Moreover, the full con of this model EN is often in Besendorfa, but there is an agraph, and the way of making the sound is completely different.Unfortunately, as a student at the time, I didn't have that kind of knowledge or awareness, and I was just puzzled that it was difficult.

 This happened to lead me to study under my teacher, Professor Rudolf Meister, in Mannheim, Germany.His on-campus and home lesson rooms are both held in bechstein and Steinway.In the lessons in that environment, I learned a lot about the manufacturer of the piano, the difference in structure, the effects of them, and how to make music.

 When I was studying abroad, I began to realize that the expression could change so much depending on the characteristics of musical instruments.And it's not just about modern instruments, but it's not just about forte pianos, harpsichords, organ, clavichords, keyboard instruments in general, and period instruments in his lessons.Mutations have not created modern pianos today, but there is a dramatic change over time in the 18th and 19th centuries, leading to today's modern musical instruments.

 I have felt particularly much for the past five years, but in the close dialogue with Bechstein, my approach has been deeply connected to the fact that I can feel the elements of forte piano swelten very deeply.The pronunciation of the sound, the depth of release.Consonant and vowels.I learned that these are released in the hall of exquisite sounding balance, further increasing power.Then, it is called a register, and it is solved as a low range, a midrange, and a high range so that the characteristics of the range can be seen.By changing the way the characteristics are put out, there is an interesting thing that the three-dimensional feeling of the music can be done.It depends on the work and also by the venue to play.The contrast of the sound increases the fun.It is a treasure trove of timbre for a pianist to hear various sounds from a single instrument.

 When I played and compared the four-car-adjusted ful-con at the Headquarters of Bechstein-Berlin, the four instruments had distinctly different personalities.I was able to come across an instrument that gave me a lot of ideas that I really liked.It was so joyful that I completely forgot the time.I think that bechstein is an instrument with a clear difference in individual character even if the DNA that is taken over is the same.

 And by touching The Bechsteins, I was able to see the characteristics of other instruments.By interacting with musical instruments, I find the way music looks so interesting.It is a good piano condition for me.

 I want to meet the piano which makes the best use of it instead of killing individuality.I always look forward to touching the instruments when I can expand my world.