Really helpful! The Strongest Training Practiced by 17 Instructors (with CD) (Piano Style)

Introduction to the contents
We will introduce original methods that have achieved results in front-line settings.

This book is “I want to play the piano better!”It is a practice bible for those who have a sense of learning until greed.It is packed with know-how to satisfy the desire for improvement, such as “I want to read music efficiently”, “I want to play the scale smoothly”, “I want to make my hand spread wide,” “I want to make sure the score is made,” and “I want to move my fingers the way I want to.”The 74 methods listed are the strongest practice methods taught by 17 active instructors and performers who love the piano.In your lifetime, there are so many extravagant opportunities to learn with the methods of so many leaders! In addition, there is a publication of the original exercise, it is a lot of one book with an appendix CD that recorded the model performance.

[CONTENTS] Chapter 1<Fundamentals>
01. How to know how to use your fingercorrect
02. How to make your thumb available from the third joint
03. How to strengthen your fingers
04. How to fix the habit of the first joint
05. How to make it easier to get started with fingers
06. Efficient finger-to-let method
07. How to loosen five fingers
08. Effective finger-to-let method
09. How to read notes without counting
10. How to do music reading efficiently
11. How to improve your reading ability
12. How to proceed with music reading and notation at the same time
13. How to make music reading more fun
14. How to make it easier to memorize music
15. The method of the score which is hard to forget
16. How to ensure the score
17. How to improve your score
18. How to practice if you can’t play every day
19. How to improve the recognition of notes
20. How to prevent fingering from bothering you
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Contents (from the “BOOK” database)
How to do music reading efficiently, how to make it easier to memorize, how to improve the recognition of notes, how to avoid having trouble with fingering, how to spread small hands, how to enjoy daily practice, how to keep the tempo, how to increase the practice efficiency, Practice method to move the finger the way you want, how to play the scale smoothly, how to make the trill listen beautifully, how to challenge the concert calmly, all 74 species.