Really helpful! Piano Practice 74 I Still Want To Know! The Strongest Training Practiced by 15 Leaders (with CD) (Piano Style)

Introduction to the contents
To you who can’t stop exploring new ways of practicing!

Released in March 2012 “Really Helpful!” The second installment of the piano practice method 74] finally appeared! ! Here are 74 new methods that further pursue the freedom of practice and the possibility of variations.The practice method simply for fun by 15 coaches, including those who made their first appearance, is that anyone can try it.In addition to practicing piano and solo, we have achieved a wide range of lineups, from ensembles where there are few opportunities to receive specialized education, and practice methods for piano duos, and we are improving our range of benefits.It is a must-see how to break the barrier of improvisation and specific practice phrases that classical learners are easy to stumble upon.It is worth seeing the practice bible that I want to get again to the “I want to be a reference of the teaching method” as well as the learner who “wants to become better”!

[CONTENTS] Chapter 1<Fundamentals>
01.How to improve the muscle strength of the finger
02.How to improve finger movement by making the nerve reach to the fingertip
03.How to make a body that is easy for the piano to play
04.How to improve muscle strength from the wrist to the fingertip
05.How to play the piano without difficulty using the body well
06.How to make it easier to move the thumb from the third joint
07.How to eliminate the sense of weakness to trill
08.How to control your fingers quickly
09.How to smooth the finger strafter
10. How to dispel the weak consciousness to the ring finger
11. How to avoid pain in the arm
12. How to practice if you are worried about hand fatigue
13. How to study without playing
14. How to find the right fingering for your music
15. How to master natural fingering
16. How to have a stable tempo feeling in yourself
17. How to acquire an in-tempo sense
18. How to improve your initial viewing power
19. How to look good at the score to get used to the first look
20. A fun way to train to excel at the first look
21. How to dispel a weak consciousness about the first look
22. How to get the knack of weakness easily
23. How to increase hearing power
24. How small children can practice without getting bored
25. How to practice without getting bored
26. How to practice to prevent daily practice from becoming a manneri
27.How to warm up your feet