In private, it is a complete one-lesson system.

I play and compare using two grand pianos, C. Bechstein B-88 and Yamaha C5-A.Another lesson is from touch and sounding tips, using Morley's Clavichord.For more information, please refer to the instrument used.

There are a wide range of age groups, from hobbyists to professional competitions, high-pitched and high-pitched university students, study abroad applicants, and piano instructors.

There are also lessons such as chamber music, two pianos, consecutive plays, and accompaniment.One-off lessons are also available.

At each pace, I would like to have lessons with people who can face music carefully.

Every year, we hold concerts by students in February.

In addition, there is also a play meeting.

Please feel free to contact us for lesson fees, details, consultations, etc.

Home lesson: Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture (adjacent to Matsudo City, Kashiwa City, Funabashi City, Ichikawa City)

There are some people who come to the lesson from a distance other than the Tokyo metropolitan area, but if there are more than one, business trip lessons are also possible.However, transportation and accommodation expenses are not included.